Good Night, My Love

May 28, 2010

Good Night, My Love

Goodnight, my love
Sleep peacefully
In your terrifying dream world
Know that, tonight,
I will protect you.
From your nightmares and your fears.
I know that your mind
Is a scary place to be
But I want to be there,
Taking up residence
In your head, soul, and heart.
All these years,
We’ve both been so lonely.
Now we are on our own,
While they are in each other’s arms,
We are in each other’s hearts.
We can’t touch, can’t kiss, can’t cuddle –
But someday I’ll be your lover, I hope
I swear then I’ll stay by your side…


Angel Whisper on Tender Flesh

August 12, 2010

Angel Whisper on Tender Flesh
Just the slightest touch from you,
And my heart is racing.
Was it intentional?
You reached out and brushed your fingers against my arm
Just like that, no words, no warning.
Why are you so elusive?
Pursuing you is like chasing my shadow:
It’s always there around me, behind me, surrounding me
But I can never quite grasp it.
You’re much like a ghost.
Your eyes are always on me, watching
I watch back, hoping for something to break our silence.
But nothing ever does.
We’re worlds apart, I guess…
But still I want you for mine.


Entity of Venom

August 4, 2010

Entity of Venom


I am your angel

Run not from me

Seek not the love of others

Closer to you


I am waiting

For you,

Biding my time

Will you wait for me as well?

Or will you settle,

Settle for a wretch?


You are a shadow

Of my past

Nothing more

My loneliness personified.

You are not a separate entity;

You are part of me.


short & untitled.

July 14, 2010

Never quite finished…


Whenever I see you,
Each empty cavity in my soul fills with love.
Lately it feels like it’s all I’m made of.
Love for you and your sweet ways.
It gets me through these empty days.
Sometimes it upsets me that
The phrase “I love you” doesn’t even come close
To capturing those feelings full and intact.


Even when I’m alone and depressed,
With thoughts of you I nightly rest;
You ease the pain of a lonely life
And pull from my ribs agony’s knife.


In the Garden of My Heart

July 1, 2010

In the Garden of My Heart
The sun shines bright
On this dismal day
My sun, the light from my heart
Returning home after so long astray.
A rose bush in the garden
Once so strong and lively
Has lost its stunning beauty
Its roots choked off by ivy.
I watched the roses wilting
Saw their petals fall
As a tangling vine around them,
Not nearly as graceful or tall,
Wrapped around the bush’s core
And strangled it to death
Tearing off its thorns
And stealing its last breaths.
The ivy grew that brightened day
And left its embedded mark.
And that garden, the near-bare garden
Is the garden of my heart.



June 25, 2010

Sometimes I try to run away
to the darkness that ends each blistering day.
To find comfort in the night’s embrace
and shine no more with loving grace.

But of course your ghost haunts my dreams,
a complex prism of rainbow light beams
a smile brighter than the sun
the memories replay one by one

and I’m trapped on this nightmarish carousel
nothing to save me from my hell
round and round and round it goes
like a twisted child’s beaten woes

I dig my heels into the sand
under this swing whose chains blister the hands
I wonder if they’d notice me
if I buried a hole nice and deep?

I needed time to make things right
I didn’t want to see you die
But I loved so hard I stole your breath,
and sooner brought about your death.
If I could say just one more phrase,
it’d be “I’ll love you on the grayest of days.”


Bucket Dippers

June 9, 2010

This one hurts.

Bucket Dippers


Let’s start from the beginning

Way back, when snow was still falling

My heart was as cold as the

Chill settling in my room

At night, through the broken glass

I never thought I could love again.


Once the weather grew warmer,

Our relationship warmed too

With the coming of spring-time

In the sweetest month of May

I realized what we had, and

Love soon bloomed from nearly nothing.


Running through dark parking-lots

And lying on hot pavement

Making people stare at us

I don’t at all regret it

Nor do I regret the kiss,

Under the shade of an oak tree


You, dear, are my greatest love

You saved my heart from darkness

You healed my pain and my wounds

Just when I so needed it

You have my essential world,

Contained in your lovely blue eyes.



May 31, 2010


My cat, he walks on velvet feet

as still as night itself

His fur’s so very shiny and neat

He sleeps upon my shelf;

Vibrant orange, like a flame

with white upon his face

He has a tiny, fearsome mane

And his paws are white as lace

I love him and his oddball ways

By my side he always stays